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Demon Summoned (Demon Guardians #2) - Ebook Edition

Demon Summoned (Demon Guardians #2) - Ebook Edition

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Demons have changed my life forever, though mostly they’ve just torn it apart. In the space of a week, I’ve become the target of the most powerful forces in the demon world and nearly lost my best friend to a madness that would have consumed her mind and soul. Even my own magical abilities are barely in my control.

But when a strange man from a secret society of demons finds me, everything becomes even more complicated. He claims my life is in danger. He says he can help. His group holds the key to my identity, my history, and my place in the supernatural world. But he also brings me a warning: for my own safety, trust no one.

Especially not Amar, the sexy and mysterious guy I’ve fallen for.

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My feet come to a stop by the bed. I don’t want to lie down. I don’t want to sleep again and revisit those nightmares. I can barely close my eyes without seeing that pit or Kyle’s horrible grin after he kidnapped Ruby or that troll with his glistening teeth.

So many monsters. How did my life become filled with so many monsters?

The door shuts. I don’t turn back. Air stirs when Amar walks up behind me.

“It’s not your fault,” he says gently. I shift my shoulders against the words. His hands come to rest on me, stilling the motion. “It’s not.”

I don’t respond. He turns me around to face him. I can feel him studying me, though I can’t meet his eyes.

He sighs. His grip moves, dropping from my shoulders to take my hands. He draws me with him toward the bed.

I grimace. “Amar, I—”

“You need rest.”

My discomfort deepens. Rest. Right.

“What?” he asks.

I shake my head.

Amar sinks down onto the edge of the mattress, pulling me down beside him. “What?” he repeats.

“It’s nothing. Stupid.”

He pauses. “You say that a lot, you know.”

I shift my shoulders again. He obviously doesn’t understand the fine art of burying uncomfortable things.

The complete bullshit of that thought overwhelms me. But it doesn’t mean I want to tell Amar I’ve been dreaming about him. Even if the dreams were horrible, it’s still sort of embarrassing.

“Nightmares,” I say.


“No, just… other stuff.”

He’s silent for a moment. “Do you want me to stay with you?”

I look over at him in surprise.

“For a little bit,” he amends carefully. “To help you get to sleep.”

I falter, taken back by how much I want to blurt out yes and how unexpected it is for him to offer anything like that where others might learn of it. My eyes skip toward the closed door. I don’t suppose Bianca will find out, though. And it’s not like that matters anyway. Well, sort of. Except for the part where God knows how she’ll react if she discovers Amar has the slightest hint of feelings for me.

But then, the door’s closed. And it’ll only be for a short while. Maybe that’s why he’s suggesting it.

I nod. “Okay.”

He moves to the opposite side of the bed and then slides beneath the blankets. A weird mix of exhilaration and nervousness bubbles through me as I go to join him. The silken gray sheets slip over my skin, and when I near his warmth, every little hair on my body seems to stand on end, like they’re some sort of radar for my proximity to him.

But I can’t stop the nervousness. This bizarre shyness just rushing through me—like despite sleeping together yesterday, I still feel oddly self-conscious around him.

Though, come to think of it, maybe what happened yesterday is why.

I look at him, only to find him watching me with the strangest expression on his face. It’s almost a smile. Almost.

But I’d swear he’s nervous too. The realization makes my heart race.

He shifts around, propping himself on an elbow next to me. Gently, he reaches over. His fingers brush across my jawline.

Instinctively, my eyes drift closed and my face turns toward the soothing sensation. I can’t get enough of it, him touching me, even just like this. It’s as if my body comes alive whenever I’m near him. Like all the horror and pain in the rest of my life fades to the background.

His hand cups my cheek. I feel him hesitate for a heartbeat, and then he draws closer. His lips brush mine.

Adrenaline overtakes my nervousness. My hand finds his side, gripping his warm skin, and my lips part. After only the briefest pause, he takes me up on the invitation. His mouth devours my own while he shifts around again, moving me back onto the sheets, moving on top of me.

It’s a relief, his body on mine. It’s only been a day since he was this close, but I’ve still missed him.

I wrap my leg around one of his, drawing him tighter against me. A pleased noise escapes him, so soft it’s barely audible. I grin against his lips.

His hand slips under my nightshirt and up my side. My breasts tingle, craving his touch, and the reward comes a moment later when his fingers embrace one of them. I turn my head to the side as Amar’s lips leave mine and travel down my neck, kissing me, nipping at me, waking up every inch of me. My eyes close, my entire being relishing this sensation, and more than anything, I want him to undress me. I want to lose myself in this, to forget everything for the sheer joy of having him close to me again.

Slow-burn forbidden love paranormal romance with succubi, incubi, vampires and more


  • Slow-burn paranormal romance
  • Forbidden love
  • Secret magical world
  • Hidden past and legacy
  • Conspiracies and prophecies
  • Protective hero

WARNING: Contains a story you can't put down. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop.

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Genre: Paranormal romance


  • Swearing
  • Violence (PG-13)
  • Physical peril

Heat Level:

  • Medium (1-2 sex scenes)

Page count: 240

Series status: Ongoing

Reading order:

  1. Demon Touched
  2. Demon Summoned
  3. Demon Claimed
  4. Demon Released (forthcoming)

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