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To actually own the book!

Did you know that when you purchase an ebook on a retailer, you don’t actually own a copy of that ebook? You’ve only purchased a license for access to that ebook—one that could potentially be taken away at any time!

In contrast, when you buy direct from the author, you’re buying an actual copy of that ebook, one that cannot be taken away from you. Plus, you’re giving the author your direct support, rather than supporting a storefront elsewhere.

Purchase wisely. Purchase direct!

New Arrivals

Complete Mermaid Series!

Dive into a world of mermaids, romance, and magic in the complete Awakened Fate series! 

Plus, get 25% off when you bundle the whole series together! 

Demonic Twists and Turns

Explore a world of paranormal romance and thrilling magical conspiracies with the Demon Guardians series!

Steamy wolf shifters in the Apocalypse

Romance and adventure combine in this thrilling, steamy series of fated mates facing the Norse apocalypse, Ragnarok!

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