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Defiance (Awakened Fate #8) - Ebook Edition

Defiance (Awakened Fate #8) - Ebook Edition

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Captured by the merciless Judiciary, Ari Moreau is a prisoner in her own body. She cannot move. Cannot speak. Immediate death awaits if she reveals that even a trace of her true identity still exists. Her only hope is that her family remains safe and that somehow the wizard resistance does too.

But when she learns the Judiciary is pursuing a mysterious new target beneath the waves, her situation becomes even more dire. If the Judiciary finds what they seek, they will crush the wizard resistance and the mermaids alike—and they intend for Ari to lead them straight to their goal.

To fight back could mean death. To remain hidden will mean the loss of everyone she loves.

With the fate of the world at stake and no one to fight by her side, can Ari break free in time to save her family and her people from annihilation?

AUTHOR'S NOTE:The Awakened Fate Series is a completed young adult fantasy series. None of the books are meant to be read as a standalone, since the story continues throughout the books with cliffhangers, interconnected narratives, and new discoveries in each installment. To fully enjoy this and the other books of the series, readers are encouraged to start at the beginning with Awaken: Book One of the Awakened Fate Series.

The Awakened Fate Series (Now Complete!)

  • #1 - Awaken
  • #2 - Descend
  • #3 - Return
  • #3.5 - Abide: An Awakened Fate Novella
  • #4 - Arise
  • #5 - Become
  • #6 - Rebirth
  • #7 - Memory
  • #8 - Defiance
  • #9 - Destiny

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Two of the enforcers were dead, and the lone survivor hadn’t made it far.

His hands on the metal pipe pinning him to the brick wall, the man snarled a curse at me. The abandoned factory around us was nearly empty, barring the bodies on the floor and the decrepit machinery no one had bothered to take with them. The sound of traffic carried from the streets of Vancouver outside, but none of the occasional police sirens seemed particularly interested in heading our way.

“Where is she?” I growled.

The enforcer shoved at the pipe. My grip on it didn’t budge. I only barely looked human at this point, and most of it was for show, just to give the bastard something to talk to. Storm clouds made up the shape of my body. More extended through the cavernous building, churning along the ceiling and amid the open space of the factory floor. A twist of shadow held the pipe in place, shifting on it when the enforcer’s hands did but pinning him nonetheless.

“Go to hell,” the man spat.

I drove the metal pipe harder against his throat.

“Go on, kill me,” he rasped. “You’re already too late to stop what the masters have planned.”

A scowl twisted the darkness of my face. The masters. Their plan. I was sick of hearing that—not that I’d heard it much. This guy and his friends were the first enforcers I’d seen in days, and they’d each said the same thing. Before that, the others I’d found hadn’t been much help either. Each group proclaimed their allegiance to their masters and then killed themselves rather than talk to me. It’d been horrible.

I remembered a time when it’d been horrible.

A shudder ran through me. Eight weeks. Eight weeks of searching the coast and the ocean for any sign of Ari. Of tracing every reported “dehaian” attack only to find no sign of dehaians or strakirin at all. Of fearing the longer she spent with those bastards, the less chance I had of reclaiming the girl I’d known.

If I had any chance at all.

Desperation was a funny thing. The Beast side of me wasn’t familiar with it. In all these centuries, there’d never been anything it cared about besides itself. Not until Ari, the girl who was like me but not like me, and who had come to matter so much more than I ever could have imagined. The Beast side of me wasn’t sure how to handle the frantic, consuming fear of losing her that had gripped it whole.

And the greliaran part of me was beside itself at the thought of being here again. Of having psychos want to destroy someone I cared about again. I’d lived this nightmare once already, and now, only a year later, here it was a second time like nothing had changed. Hell, it’d only gotten worse. My stepsister had been shot. She was still in a coma that no one could bring to an end, much less explain. And the girl I cared about had been taken.



  • Touch her and die
  • Forbidden love
  • Hidden magical powers
  • Chosen one
  • Strong heroine
  • Protective hero

WARNING: Contains a story you can't put down. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop.

Additional Information

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Genre: Young adult mermaid paranormal romance


  • Swearing
  • Violence (PG-13)
  • Physical peril

Heat Level:

  • Mild (kissing, etc.)

Page count: 436

Series status: Complete

Reading order:

  1. Awaken
  2. Descend
  3. Return
    (followed by #3.5 - Abide: An Awakened Fate Novella)
  4. Arise
  5. Become
  6. Rebirth
  7. Memory
  8. Defiance
  9. Destiny

The Awakened Fate series is complete!

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