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Awaken (Awakened Fate #1) - Ebook Edition

Awaken (Awakened Fate #1) - Ebook Edition

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Love mermaid romance and fantasy adventure?

Dive into Awaken, Book One of the complete Awakened Fate series! This magical young adult mermaid romance series is filled with forbidden love, hidden legacies, touch-her-and-die vibes, protective heroes, a strong heroine, and so much more. It all starts here in Awaken! 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "OK, I now officially love mermaids. Skye Malone opens you up to a whole new world surrounding mermaids." - Rebecca, Amazon reviewer

“Why are you watching me?”

He paused. “You’re different.”

My brow furrowed.

“From me,” he elaborated. “The rest of us.”

My expression didn’t change.

Frustration twisted his face for a heartbeat. “Look, I’ve already broken like… a dozen laws by helping you back at the hospital and being here isn’t doing me much good either. But I see you living here like a human, I felt what you did to the water the other night, and I saw what happened the next day too. I’d love to know what’s going on, so…”

I stared.

“You want to give me some help here?” he finished. “I’m just trying to figure this out.”

My heart was pounding so hard, it felt like it was crushing my chest. Shaking, I backed up another step.

“Look,” he said, starting forward.

I gasped, my hand coming up defensively, and he froze.

“Stay away from me,” I warned.

“I know what you are, okay? I just want to know what you did.”

“Come any closer, and I scream enough to wake the town, you get me?”

“I told you. I’m not going to hurt you.”

A scoff escaped me.

He paused. “I mean it. I only want to know how you did it. How…” He gestured carefully to the top of the bluffs. “Well, any of this, really.”

I didn’t have a clue what to say. He was insane, that much was obvious.

Insane… and able to speak to me underwater. While swimming God knew how deep too.

Trembling, I swallowed. “What are you?”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ " Fast paced, amazing characters, non-stop plot twists. Chloe is a human, but so much more. Five stars all the way!" - NE, Amazon reviewer


An ordinary girl surrounded by secrets. Two mysterious guys vying for her heart. A magical destiny that will change the ocean forever.

I never intended to run away from home. Not for long, anyway.

Life had other plans.

Turns out mermaids exist. I’m changing into one of them. The only problem?

Becoming a mermaid might kill me.

And that’s not all. I’m powerfully drawn to someone who could spell disaster for me. Noah hides dangerous secrets behind his surfer-boy hotness, but I'm also pulled to Zeke, a protective, playboy merman who tempts me with magic that could cost me everything.

Turning into a mermaid could ruin my life. But will my heart survive the choice between Noah and Zeke?

Dive in and join the thousands of readers who have explored the magical world of the mermaids in this thrilling, completed young adult paranormal romance series!

The Awakened Fate Series (Now Complete!)

  • #1 - Awaken
  • #2 - Descend
  • #3 - Return
  • #3.5 - Abide - An Awakened Fate Novella
  • #4 - Arise
  • #5 - Become
  • #6 - Rebirth
  • #7 - Memory
  • #8 - Defiance
  • #9 - Destiny

Look inside the book

“So…” Noah started. “Anyone want to go for a swim?”

I smiled. My parents being so psychotic and all, we didn’t even have a bathtub in the house, just a stand-up shower the size of a broom closet. I’d never been able to teach myself how to hold my breath underwater, let alone swim.

But that was going to change, starting now.

“Well, um,” I began, feeling a bit reckless with excitement. “If you wouldn’t mind teaching me?”

His eyebrows climbed. “Uh, no. I mean, sure. I–”

The boat jumped.

“What the hell?” Maddox cried as the rest of us grabbed at the guardrails.

“Did we hit something?” Noah asked, scanning the water.

Maddox shook his head. “I don’t–”

The ocean around the boat began to bubble and roil.

Noah swore. “Get us out of here!” he called to Maddox.

His brother didn’t need the encouragement. Quickly, he scrambled back toward the driver’s seat and turned the key in the ignition.

The engine wouldn’t respond.

Shudders shook the boat, while all around, the ocean’s surface began to foam like the calm sea had suddenly become a boiling pot on a stove. Waves surged from every direction at once, growing more violent by the second, and on all sides the water darkened, as though a shadow was spreading below us.

“What’s happening?” Baylie cried.

No one could answer. As if shoved from beneath, the deck tipped up at a sharp angle and then just as quickly rocked back, wrenching us hard as we fought to hang onto the guardrails. The lurching came again, throwing us forward and back.

My grip broke. The metal rail hit me, knocking the air from my lungs.

And then came the water.

I didn’t even have time to scream. Waves closed over me, choking my instinctive gasp and tossing me so hard that, in only a heartbeat, I lost all sense of up and down. Flailing, I tried to reach out and find something, anything, to grab onto as the water pummeled me like it was a prize fighter and I was its punching bag.

Strong hands caught me. Steadied me. Pulled me from the maelstrom into a space of calm. I clutched at them, thinking Noah had managed to find me in the chaos.

Eyes like brilliant sapphires met mine.

“You’re okay,” a boy said, gripping my shoulders. “You’re fine.”

I stared at him. In the impossibly black water, I could see nothing but his face and his arms, both pale as though he’d spent his life out of the sun. He seemed only a year or two older than me, and his features were angular, carved like they came from stone, and strangely mesmerizing. In the darkness, his eyes shone like deep blue jewels, simultaneously seeming to reflect light and yet glow from within.

But we were underwater. We should be drowning. And instead, I could hear him as clearly as if we stood in the open air, and the oddest sense of peace was settling over me.

I wondered if I was dying.

His brow furrowed and he ran his gaze over me, as though he couldn’t figure out how I was there either. “Who–”

Suddenly, his eyes went wide and his hold on my shoulders vanished. Other hands grabbed me, snagging my arms, my hands. I struggled, confused and disoriented, as an arm wrapped around my chest and yanked me backward.


  • Mermaid romance
  • Touch-her-and-die
  • Love triangle
  • Slow-burn romance
  • Secret powers
  • Protective heroes

WARNING: Contains a story you can't put down. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop.

Additional Information

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Genre: Young adult mermaid paranormal romance


  • Swearing
  • Violence (PG-13)
  • Kidnapping
  • Physical peril

Heat Level:

  • Mild (kissing, etc.)

Page count: 247

Series status: Complete

Reading order:

  1. Awaken
  2. Descend
  3. Return
    (followed by #3.5 - Abide: An Awakened Fate Novella)
  4. Arise
  5. Become
  6. Rebirth
  7. Memory
  8. Defiance
  9. Destiny

The Awakened Fate series is complete!

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