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Arise (Awakened Fate #4) - Paperback Edition

Arise (Awakened Fate #4) - Paperback Edition

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Young adult mermaid paranormal romance! Read the complete series with over 75,000 books sold!


Chloe hoped that going home would keep her enemies away from her. She thought she could trust her parents to protect her, no matter how much they feared mermaids and the ocean

It nearly cost her life to find out she was wrong.

Surviving a mad scientist and Noah’s bloodthirsty relatives was only the beginning, however. An ancient creature is after her, one that’s risen from its sleep to hunt her, and one that almost destroyed the world last time it awoke. To save herself and everyone she loves, Chloe’s only chance lies in traveling to meet Ellie’s mysterious teacher, Olivia, one of the elusive landwalker elders.

But Chloe has trusted people before. She’s tried to escape the madness that’s chasing her before. And nearly everybody who’s learned her secret has ended up wanting to use her or kill her.

Will Olivia’s betrayal be next?

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“And who would you be?” Olivia asked, pushing to her feet and then brushing the dirt from her jeans. Behind her, Dad helped Mom stand while he watched the greliarans and the dehaians warily.

“Jirral. This is my granddaughter, Ina.” Jirral glanced from Olivia to Zeke, as though questioning how much more he needed to explain.

“My sister,” Zeke supplied.

“Well, Jirral, I agree,” Olivia said. “We need to go. The police will be here soon. We need to get Chloe out of here before they arrive.”

“Why does Chloe need to hide from the police?” Mom asked, alarmed.

Olivia’s mouth thinned. She didn’t respond, but instead turned to Noah. “If you’d please take the Kowalskis to my car?”

Noah hesitated. I looked to the vehicle, and then to Jirral and Ina, reality catching up to me. They couldn’t come with us. There wasn’t enough room for them in the car. There would’ve been barely enough room with my parents and the people we’d already brought.

And I couldn’t go in the water. I was already too close.

But Zeke could.

We had to split up. If Ina and Jirral were going to follow us to Joseph’s – since I doubted they’d agree to simply head home now that they’d found Zeke again – we had no choice.

My stomach roiled. I didn’t want to do this. But there wasn’t another option, short of having Zeke leave his family behind.


“Is it safe out there?” I asked Jirral, working to hold my voice steady.

Zeke turned to me in alarm. I didn’t look away from his grandfather.

“It’s a bit crowded,” Jirral allowed. “Ren’s got soldiers everywhere. Mercenaries have been prowling around too, though obviously they’re staying out of the soldiers’ sight.” He paused. “Pretty sure they’re all looking for you both.”

My stomach grew worse. I turned to Zeke.

“Chloe,” he protested, reading the look in my eyes. “I’m not–”

“Guide them to Joseph’s, okay? Just… follow the directions Dave gave us.”

He didn’t respond. My brow rose pleadingly.

A breath left Zeke.

“We need to go,” Olivia pressed. “Now. Even being this close to the water is dangerous.”

Zeke’s gaze flicked over, regarding her, and then it went to my parents. To Noah.

And then me.

“We’ll meet you,” he said to me, nothing but certainty in his tone. “We’ll probably even get there before you.”

I nodded, attempting to look confident and not think about the mercenaries. The Sylphaen. The Beast.

He reached out, taking my hand. “See you soon.”

“You too,” I replied.

“Go on,” he continued to the others. “We’ll make sure they don’t follow.”

He twitched his head at the greliarans.

My parents wasted no time in hurrying toward the car. Olivia hovered by me, looking ready to pull me after them.

“Soon,” I repeated to Zeke.

He nodded. A tingle of aveluria magic brushed my palm like a kiss, making my breath catch.

And then his fingers dropped from mine. Swallowing hard, I hesitated. We had to go. I knew it.

I just couldn’t shake the sudden fear crawling up my spine.


  • Mermaid romance
  • Love triangle
  • Slow-burn romance
  • Touch-her-and-die vibes
  • Hidden powers
  • Found family

WARNING: Contains a story you can't put down. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop.

Additional Information


  • Signed paperback
  • Swag

Genre: Young adult mermaid paranormal romance


  • Swearing
  • Violence (PG-13)
  • Kidnapping of non-main characters

Heat level:

  • Mild (kissing, etc.)

Page count: 283

Print book dimensions: 5.5 in x 8.5 in

Series status: Complete

Reading order:

  1. Awaken
  2. Descend
  3. Return
    (followed by #3.5 - Abide: An Awakened Fate Novella)
  4. Arise
  5. Become
  6. Rebirth
  7. Memory
  8. Defiance
  9. Destiny

The Awakened Fate Series is complete!

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