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In the Kindling Trilogy, you’ll find:

  • magical intrigue and suspense
  • countless twists and turns
  • a chosen one hidden from the world
  • found family and ride-or-die friends
  • action-packed adventure

Get over one thousand pages of urban fantasy adventure, intrigue, and magic in the complete Kindling Trilogy today! 

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A secret war rages with one girl at its heart.

Ashley’s past is a mystery, her identity kept hidden even from her. She knows nothing of magical wars or invisible monsters. Living on her Montana farm, she believes she’s an ordinary person.

She’s wrong.

In a single night, masked killers come for her, destroying everything she loves. On the run and outnumbered, she’s saved by mysterious allies with dark vendettas of their own. Staying by their side could mean her salvation, but only if she can keep them from learning of the newly awakened power she’s fighting to hold inside.

Because Ashley’s past holds more than she knows, and the truth of her identity could change the war forever.

The Kindling Trilogy - Now Complete!
#1 – Kindling
#2 – Ignite
#3 – Wildfire

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The Kindling Trilogy has Action and Magic...

The bullet flew past her and she heard Lily scream. Spinning around, she saw the boy stumble, agony twisting his face.

And then they were gone.

Ashley stared.

Lily was gone.

She flinched as the cries cut off. With a gasp, she pushed away from the ground and ran for the cliff. Lily couldn’t have fallen. Lily couldn’t have…

Her leg gave out beneath her in an explosion of pain and she crashed down, hands skidding across the dirt and the knife flying away to clatter against a boulder. Eyes locked on the space where the boy had stood, she scrambled at the soil, hauling herself toward the ledge.

Hands grabbed her, dragging her backward and shoving her down till her face smashed into the dirt. Wrenching her arms behind her, they crushed a knee into her back and shouted for her to remain still.

A cry tore from her throat as she tried to fight.

Lily couldn’t…

A fist came out of nowhere. Slamming her face with a dazzling display of red and white light, it drove her back to the ground, and she couldn’t do anything but struggle to breathe around the pain. Tears burned in her eyes, her head rang, and her cheekbone felt shattered. Choking, she opened an eye, staring through a blurry haze toward the cliff.

Men surrounded her. At the edge of the ravine, a few stood, and amid the ringing in her ears, their words surfaced slowly.

“What the hell were you thinking?” one snapped, glaring at his burly companion.

The other man shrugged, an impatiently defensive look on his sweaty face. “What? Kid pulled a gun on me. Besides, Brogan said we only needed one.”

Looking at him as though he was insane, the first man snarled disgustedly and then turned away, pulling out his cell. “Get me Brogan,” he barked into the phone. He paused. “Well then, dammit, find Simeon!”

Ashley stared, their words spinning in her mind. Only needed one. Lily was… and her dad… and Jonathan… and Rose… these men had… she didn’t even know why…

And all because they’d only needed one of them to survive.

As though feeling the pressure of her gaze, the burly man glanced back, and a smirk twisted his face at the sight of her. Nonchalantly, he crossed the distance to her side.

Bending down, he wrapped his fingers into her hair, pulling her head away from the ground. “You got a problem with me, brat?” he snickered. “Do something about it.”

Sharply, he shoved her face deeper into the dirt, sending pain surging through her cheek. Laughing, he straightened and then clapped the man holding her on the shoulder before sauntering away.

She couldn’t breathe. Trembling shook her and she couldn’t stop it. Somewhere inside, emotions welled up, superseding one another in tumbling waves. Grief gave way to anguish, gave way to agony, gave way to searing pain…

Gave way to rage.

Burning, twisting, seething rage. From deep inside it rose like magma from the heart of the earth, roaring to the surface and tearing her body apart as it came.

They’d hurt Lily.

They’d destroyed everything.

Because they’d only needed one.

Just one.

Her eyes found the burly man. She watched him turn back toward her.

And then the world exploded in flame.

Plus Suspense and Narrow Escapes

The ground hit him hard.

Crashing onto his back on the rock, Cole felt the air rush from his chest, and pain nearly blinded him. A few inches away, the little girl slammed down, her screams ending as though severed by a knife.

Gasping, he blinked hard, trying to see the girl past the red fog in his eyes.

Her hand found his.

The haze pulled back. He glanced behind him.

He lay an inch from the abyss, on a tiny protrusion of rock barely a few feet wide. An overhang of rock covered part of the ledge, and without thinking, he gripped the girl’s hand and rolled to his feet, heading for the negligible cover.

Pain went off like a firecracker inside his shoulder.

Sucking air through his teeth, he flung himself beneath the overhang, dragging the little girl with him. Together, they tumbled into the back wall, hitting rocky outcroppings and dried roots as they landed.

The girl whimpered, and quickly, he put his hand over her mouth to silence her. On the edge of the outcropping, he caught sight of his own blood, glimmering like a red beacon. Blanching, he drew his feet in as tightly as they would go and pulled the girl closer, waiting.

Pebbles scattered across the ledge, kicked down carelessly from above.

“What the hell were you thinking?”


His teeth were clenched so tight, they were about ready to break.

“What?” came the reply. “Kid pulled a gun on me. Besides, Brogan said we only needed one.”

The words made his brow furrow, jarring as they did against the idea that the men had been out to kill the girls. They didn’t care if the little girl was dead. They just wanted one of them alive. He could still call the cops. Ashley might stand a chance.

He heard Reece growl something inarticulate in response, and a heartbeat later, gravel crunched as footsteps moved off. Drawing a shuddering breath, Cole tried to focus on reaching the cell phone in his pocket a million miles away.

In his grasp, the little girl twisted. Her eyes flicked toward his shoulder worriedly before turning to the rock above them as though seeing through the mountain to her sister. Gritting her teeth, she pulled away from him and started crawling from beneath the overhang.

He could barely move to stop her. His arm felt useless and probably was. The blood soaking his shoulder was like ice, and the pain made it ridiculously hard to think. Blinking, he swallowed and then struggled away from the rocks, reaching out with his good arm to draw her back.

A wave of fire blasted over the edge of the cliff.

With a shout, Cole crashed backward while trees, rocks, and screaming men flew into the night to tumble down into the river far below. Snagging the little girl with one hand, he yanked her back against him and stared.

The gout of flame died, disappearing into the sky in a cloud of black smoke. Fire crackled overhead, loud in the sudden silence.

They… he shivered, unable to form a coherent thought.

His gaze slid to the little girl.

“Ashe,” she whispered.

Beyond the cave, the night grew darker. Despite the fires, the world was cold. The screaming agony in his shoulder faded away.

Rock caught his face with only a glimmer of pain.

A desperate sob escaped the girl as she spun. “No,” she whimpered, shaking him.

She was a pale ghost amid the black shadows crowding him and the moonlight glowed off her skin like diamonds. He wanted to tell her it was okay, because that’s what people always said in these situations. No matter what was happening, at that moment, it was okay.

“Please…” she begged, tears falling from her blue moon eyes to land on her skin so bright.

So very bright.

The pain faded away.

He opened his eyes.

They were still in the cave. The little girl was clutching his arm. And he felt fine. Better than fine. Blinking in confusion, he sat up and looked at his shoulder, and then pulled the sweatshirt up to see his chest.

Nothing. Smooth skin beneath a dark t-shirt sodden with blood.

His gaze rose to the little girl.

The little girl who was glowing.

“What–” he started, flinching back.

Glistening cheeks streaked with tears, she looked at him and then her face crumpled into a muted sob.

Brow furrowing, he hesitated and then reached out. Avoiding his blood-soaked shoulder, he pulled her close.

“It’s okay,” he whispered, holding her while she silently cried.

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What will I get?

You will receive three separate ebooks, one each of Kindling, Ignite, and Wildfire, which are the three urban fantasy books that make up the complete Kindling Trilogy.

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After you complete your purchase here, you’ll receive an email from a delivery service called BookFunnel. This email will contain links to your new ebooks. You will have fourteen (14) days to download the three ebooks, after which time the link will expire. Click each link to download your copy, read them in the free BookFunnel app, or send them directly to your preferred ereader. It’s your choice!

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All sales are final. 

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Sure thing! I’m happy to help, so please feel free to reach out via my contact page and let me know how I can be of assistance to you!

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Content Notes

Swearing, violence, death of parent, death of friends


Young Adult Urban Fantasy


Wizard Action-Adventure



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No Burn/No Romance

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