Fated Sight (Shifters of Ragnarok #1) – Hardcover Edition


Steamy wolf shifter paranormal romance set in the Norse apocalypse, Ragnarok.

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She spends her nights watching the world burn. He’s the only one who can help her fight the flames.

I’ve witnessed the end of the world more times than I can count—right before I wake up screaming. But Ragnarok is supposed to be a myth. Just a terrible story that ruins my nights but has no place in the light of day.

It’s not.

The revelation has shattered the relative peace of my life as a lone wolf raised by humans and forced me into the last course of action I’d ever choose—asking for help from the silver-eyed star of my nightmares.

Connor Thorsen. My opposite. While I do everything in my power to avoid all reminders of my shifter heritage, he would do anything to protect his pack—the pack he’s destined to lead.

Despite the undeniable connection I feel to him, it doesn’t change the facts: I’m not his mate, and I don’t want this life.
If only I could convince my inner wolf to agree...

I’ve always known that fated mates are nothing more than pretty fairy tales—romantic nonsense to ignore—just like I’ve always known my father’s apocalyptic preparations were rooted in paranoia, not reality.

I was wrong about both. And Hayden McIntyre is the proof.

The moment I saw her, my wolf tried to claw its way to her, this stubborn, intoxicating woman who somehow makes me feel both more human and more animal than I believed was possible.

Neither of us asked for this. Neither wants to accept it.

But we’re not in control. Our wolves are, and if they get their way, nothing will stand a chance at tearing us apart. Not even the damn apocalypse.

Fated Sight has:

  • Wolf shifters
  • A protective hero
  • A strong-willed heroine
  • Forced proximity
  • Secret societies
  • Action and suspense
  • Fated mates
  • A pack who will do anything for each other
  • Steam, steam, and more steam
  • The Norse apocalypse
Additional Information
Weight1.32 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 1.2 × 8.5 in


Page Count

404 pages


Paranormal Romance


Shifters of Ragnarok

Series Order

Book One

Series Status


Burn Rate

Fast Burn

Inside You'll Find...

  •   Wolf shifters
  •   Psychics
  •   Hidden legacies
  •   Touch-her-and-die vibes
  •   Steamy romance
  •   Norse mythology
  •   Zombies
  •   Found family
  •   Fated mates
  •   Survival adventure
  •   Will-die-for-her romance
  •   The Norse apocalypse, Ragnarok

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Fated Sight has Mystery and Fated Mate Romance...


The bell above the entrance dinged, and she glanced over, a smile still on her face. “Welcome to Johanna’s Flower…Shop.”

Her mouth finished the habitual phrase, but her brain slid straight into a ditch at the sight of the six people walking into the store. A pair of women and four men, all seeming as if they ranged in age from late twenties to thirties. The women were opposites, one of them dressed in a sleek white coat with long pale hair, while the other was dark-haired and wore a scuffed-up leather jacket like she’d just gotten done with a bar fight. The men were tall and muscularly built, and one of them was so large he had to duck a bit to get through the doorway. Another appeared covered in tattoos, even up the sides of his neck and on his hands, while the third was leaner than the rest, with a sharp gaze that seemed to be making note of every pin and nail in the shop walls.

And as for the guy nearest to her…

Silver eyes. Hair black as midnight. She’d never seen him before in her life.

She’d seen him in her nightmares for as long as she could remember.

Trembling raced through her, every muscle screaming for her to run. The man continued onward, ignoring her and Lindy like he was on a mission. He wore a long dark wool coat that had to be designer, and his face had a sheer, sculpted look, as if the gods knew precisely what they’d wanted when they made him. And he was tall. Taller than Hayden, and she wasn’t short. His pale eyes skimmed the nearby refrigerators while he walked, his every movement too calm, too smooth. Too something that wasn’t human and never had been.

Just like all of them.

Everything about the six of them was wrong. Incredible…and wrong. The way they moved was too fluid. The way they studied the store was too sharp. Half of them stayed toward the front windows, their attention on scanning the shop and the street alike with a precision that reminded her of a military unit surveying potentially hostile territory, while the rest moved deeper into the store like they were checking for a trap. That they appeared like they could break her in half only added to the impression, though God knew she wasn’t weak.

But then, she was alone. Or alone with only her human best friend beside her.

Facing a pack.

That was the only word for it. Every hair on her skin rose at the realization, and suddenly, she found herself wanting to growl. Retreat. Bare her teeth to fight, or maybe just run for the hills.

Alarm shot through her at the sensations, dampening them all beneath a rush of pure panic. She was human—or damn near close enough. She wasn’t like that. She was a person, not an animal.

The smell of the silver-eyed guy twisted amid the floral bouquets on the air, and instantly, the urge to growl returned for a whole new reason. Her insides warmed. Her knees grew weak.

“Do you have any lilies?” he asked, studying the shop.

Hayden couldn’t respond.

The guy glanced toward her, his expression friendly but distant, the way someone looked at a stranger. Because, of course, they were strangers. Total strangers.

Minus the fact he’d held a starring role in her nightmares for her entire life.

Plus a hero and heroine fighting their need for each other...


The wolf inside Connor whined as he watched Hayden walk back to her apartment building. Odin’s eye, he wanted to go after her. Bring her to the manor. Hell, bring her to the rear of the SUV and thrust himself into her until she screamed as she came. His pulse was still flying from the feeling of her breast in his hand, her mouth on his own, and the sounds of desire she’d made at his touch. The smell of her arousal lingered in the air and made thinking damn near impossible. He wanted her. His wolf…gods, it demanded her now, no excuses or delays.


He shuddered, clenching his hands on the steering wheel. She wasn’t his. He barely knew her. They’d only met two days ago, and by all the gods, he needed to get himself under control if—

My mate.

“Fuck!” He wrenched his hands on the wheel and heard the steering column creak. She. Was. Not. His. Mate.

That was never going to happen—with her or anyone else.

At the door of her apartment building, Hayden paused, looking back at him. He tensed, wondering if she’d heard his shout, praying that she walked inside and didn’t come back.

And that she would come back…right now…and get in the rear seat of the SUV because, by all the gods in all the realms, he needed to—

She gave a small wave and then disappeared into her apartment building.

He closed his eyes and fumbled blindly for the window control, rolling them all down so he could breathe without smelling her on the air. The bitter cold sapped the warmth from the vehicle immediately, but it cooled his blood and helped him focus as well.

Who needed a cold shower when winter encased the world?

He exhaled, opening his eyes again and ordering himself to focus. This had been a mistake. Going out with her, getting to know her, coming within a dozen miles of her…

His wolf whimpered, wanting to go after her that instant.


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